Our cattle are hand-selected by an expert procurement team, ensuring the tenderness and flavour that premium British beef has built a global reputation for. In keeping with that heritage, our cattle are reared in a traditional environment that meets the highest standards of animal welfare.

The cattle are uniquely selected on strict confirmation criteria, to ensure that the maturation process is as effective as possible; this locks in flavour and moisture to give a distinct taste and and preserve freshness.



Castle Estates offers the food industry premium British dry aged beef in a variety of cuts. Our process comprises of three key elements: our cattle, our treatment of the beef and our butchery.



Our dry aged beef is cut by an expert team of highly trained butchers using traditional methods; blending age-old practices with cutting edge training to deliver a premium product. Our butchers frequently undergo rigorous testing to ensure the final cut is perfect every time.

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What distinguishes our beef from the rest?

As well as our meticulous approach to selection and breeding, we’re pioneering Ultra-Tender®, a patented maturation process at the hanging stage that creates a final product with distinctive flavour and peerless quality. The approach has been scientifically proven to improve tenderness and consistency.

As well as the Ultra-Tender® process we use a method of sympathetically chilling post-slaughter to guarantee the ultimate tenderness of our beef products.