We have always believed in tradition, priding ourselves on raising our animals in the same humane way that British farmers have for generations. Britain has a rich history of producing high-quality beef; sought after all over the world due to its tenderness and flavour. Castle Estates’ mouth-watering range of dry age beef products reinvigorates that reputation for quality and consistency.

Castle Estates offers the food industry premium British dry aged beef in a variety of cuts. Our process comprises of three key elements; our cattle, our treatment of the beef and our butchery. We work with prime cattle; traditionally reared in an environment upholding the highest standards of animal welfare. To create the distinctive Castle Estates flavour, we then use Ultra Tender ™, a patented process in the maturation phase that produces an incredible aroma and unmatched tenderness. Our beef is then cut and packaged by a team of highly skilled butchers and control checked before delivery.